Lifestyle diseases, bane of today’s generation
Lifestyle diseases, bane of today’s generation

Whole foods which are plant-based and in unprocessed form are beneficial for a plethora of illnesses.

We know there are so many suffering from heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, obesity and diabetes. These ailments, when researched, were found to be caused when people start accumulating wealth and indulge in eating more meat, diary, and refined plant products like baked foods and aerated drinks. When these affluent people start making every day of the week a feast, the body, which cannot tolerate it, gives way.The above-mentioned ailments were relatively unknown in traditional cultures which subsist on a complete plant-based food without any processing of any kind i.e., baking, refrigerating, dehydrating, etc., of whole food. These processes have increased the shelf life of the products, but at the cost of human life.

Of nutritional plans


Medical sciences have themselves declared that they cannot dictate on anyone’s life span, it’s only the life expectancy that they can speak of. There is no magical potion or a special diet for cancer and a different, special diet for heart disease. Though, the many researches conducted on different types of people from all over the world and the evidence now amassed shows that the same nutritional plan that is good for the prevention of cancer is equally beneficial for the prevention of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, etc. The nutritional plan that has shown evidence, provided by researchers from all over the world, to benefit everyone regardless of his or her genes or personal dispositions are whole foods which are plant-based and in unprocessed form.

Unhealthy diet

Lifestyle diseases,

All these diseases erupt from the same influence; an unhealthy, mostly toxic, diet and a lifestyle which has an excess of sickness promoting factors and a deficiency of health-promoting factors. Make an observation today; has any monkey become fat by eating bananas which is its most cherished food, or has any tiger which has been eating meat, ever fallen sick in the wild? Take a note that they all eat unprocessed food in accordance with their system, and abstain from eating whenever they feel low or sick, for the system of every living creature has a miraculous recovery system which it can retrieve from its reserves when left with least intervention (without medicines).

When the whole plant-based food is demonstrably beneficial for such a plethora of diseases, is it possible that humans were meant to consume any other form of food? My answer would definitely be a blunt no. The ravages of these diseases are harbingers of personal tragedy that many of us have experienced, and beyond our personal experiences and grievances, they tax our economies. Now, will this adage “prevention is better than cure” knock some sense into our pursuit of good health? Truth shall prevail.




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