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What is AumPHD?

Miraculously, your mind listens to every thing, your body speaks. But unfortunately, you do not understand what does it mean to you with reference to the illness. Besides that, you do not have the spare time for your health and yourself too.

Wow!! Here is the solution; AumPHD, a smart tool to understand this sign-language, in detail!! AumPHD is a technological-devised, data-driven and prognosis-based tool, efficient enough to make an assessment of your health status, especially your immunity-wellness. AumPHD is the blend of ancient science of prognosis and the latest technology i.e. information technology.

In short, AumPHD is a web / mobile app to assist you and your family in celebrating of your Personal Health Day; which ultimately paves the way to your healthy and happy life. It could be operated like a website or as a mobile app; may it be iOS or android platform.

How it works?

As said, every symptomatic response of the body in the form of pain, discomfort or abnormality; is a detailed description of your health status in coded or sign-language. Which, you need to understand for your wellness.

AumPHD is equipt with a big database related to symptoms and related consequences in terms of nutrients deficiencies or diseases etc. During the process a set of questions are asked to you with an option to answers with multiple choices. Once you feed the related response with AumPHD; a detailed analytic-report, on the basis of the your responses, is generated.

This report includes not only the “Deficiency of Nutrients”; but, your immunity-wellness score, the common causes and the list of possible illness – which is likely to make you suffer in near future – as well.

How to start:

Just follow 3 Simple steps given below

  • Register yourself
  • Self-Health Check-Up
  • Live Healthy
Personal Health Day - AumPHD How it works

Features: A few things AumPHD is great at

AumPHD is a power-packed application with a lot of features. A few are mentioned here:

Wide-Scoped Questionnaire of 70 Major Symptoms

Monthly Immunity-Wellness Score

6 Month Reports with Graphical Representation

Common Causes for the Symptoms

Recommendation for Concerned Medical Tests

Nutrients Deficiencies in detail

Forecast of Possible Diseases

A Record of Blood Pressure Readings on Daily Basis

A Record of Diabetes Readings on Daily Basis

Daily Health Motivation Quotes

Share Wellness among Near & Dear Ones

Entire Family Protection


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Ideal for Bachelors
(Single User)

  • 12 Months: ₹ 4,000
  • 6 Months: ₹ 2,500
  • 3 Months: ₹ 1,500
Personal Health Day - Healthy-Couple

Ideal for a Couple
(2 Family Users)

  • 12 Months: ₹ 6,000
  • 6 Months: ₹ 4,200
  • 3 Months: ₹ 2,800
Personal Health Day - Healthy-Fam-4

Ideal for a Small Family
(4 Family Users)

  • 12 Months: ₹ 10,000
  • 6 Months: ₹ 6,500
  • 3 Months: ₹ 4,400
Personal Health Day -Healthy-Fam-6

Ideal for Indian Family
(6 Family Users)

  • 12 Months: ₹ 12,000
  • 6 Months: ₹ 7,500
  • 3 Months: ₹ 4,700

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