Think about yourself. It’s about you and…

Personal Health Day - 70% of Total Deaths are due to Lifestyle Diseases

…worldwide are because of Non-Communicable i.e. Lifestyle Diseases.

Personal Health Day - 85% Pre-Matured Deaths are in Low-Middle Countries like India

…are in Low and Middle Income Countries like India.

Personal Health Day - 85% Pre-Matured Deaths are due to Cardiovascular, Cancer, Respiratory and Diabetes

…are caused by Cardiovascular, Cancer, Respiratory Diseases & Diabetes

Fortunately, Lifestyle Diseases and hence the Pre-Matured Deaths are Preventable !!

Think… for a moment…
Are you really taking care of your Body and Staying healthy?

How well are you protecting your Health?

…your family too.

Your family is your extension.

Scholars say, “Family is important to individuals because it provides benefits to your physical, emotional, and mental health that can’t be found anywhere else.”

But, we strongly believe, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything;” take care.

But, what can you do?

Personal Health Day
– the Practical Pro-Action to the Prevention of Illness.

Most of the diseases do not happen over-night or SUDDENLY, but do develop slowly in the body.

If a Health-Focused Body-Checkup is done by oneself, just by devoting 30 Minutes time once in a month; then on the basis of the symptoms, the upcoming diseases could be diagnosed well in time and could be cured as well by the right treatment.

Once a month celebrate Personal Health Day.

Personal Health Day - What can you do
Personal Health Day - Prevention is better than Cure, always

To prevent the Illness.

Prevention is better than Cure, always.

It is said wisely and accepted widely that prevention is the only thing (pro-action) one can do to attain the health, if lost; and retain the same forever. But, alas! The principles & practice of prevention are ignored for ‘short-time-relieves’.

Besides ignorance, it is the individual’s attitude in the society and sometimes the life is also blamed for being so busy.

But, one thing is for sure that the regular prevention alone is capable enough to protect you from most of the diseases irrespective of their names.

Eureka!! You got it. It’s you…

Believe in yourself! Take the Charge!!

To take care of you and your family; you have to take the charge. Google can tell, Science can do R&D and Professionals can facilitate but, still no one else can make you healthy; except you.

Personal Health Day - Eureka You got it

…and your AumPHD!!

Staying healthy is now simplified & made easy, technologically.

Remember that you are not alone here. Be Bold and move-on to find your health tech-mentor; AumPHD.

AumPHD is a full fledged Technologically-Devised and Data-Driven Health-Assessment System (SaaS), which :


Guides you how to do the Health-Focused Body-Checkup.


Records your data for comparison & future reference.


Analyses you Health Status and Immunity Wellness.


Suggests you the personalised corrective measures.


Keeps your family intact, diagnostically

Personal Health Day - Prognosis

The Science behind AumPHD

Prognosis is the first clue of the final Diagnosis.

Most of the times, it is the sufferer who comes across with the Symptoms of Illness through his body endeavors, well before the Medical Professional comes into the Picture.

The set of Symptoms are called “Prognosis Signs”, which are used to forecast the possible diseases and their consequences.

AumPHD asks you a few Questions related to your Symptoms. Based on those Prognosis Signs, it tells you everything that needs to be done to keep you Healthy.  

Example of how AumPHD can help you!

You can Immune all diseases.

When the illness manifests there are some changes in the body.

For example, lower back pain is one of the signs of inadequate vitamin D levels in your blood. Here you should understand what this back pain (if any) and hence, the deficit Vitamin D is trying to tell you. Well before that you need to know that.

One of vitamin D’s most important roles is keeping your immune system strong so you are able to fight-off viruses and bacteria that cause illness.

It directly interacts with the cells that are responsible for fighting infection.

Personal Health Day - Backache

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it.

Vitamin D is your mood changer.

What else we are left to say? You can easily make out of this that just by noticing the symptoms in time, and then by taking appropriate action well in time; you can defeat the illness for sure.

All it needs just 30 minutes a month of yours with AumPHD; that’s it and it’s done.

How to get AumPHD started for free!

Never let your Body fight alone; stand by it with AumPHD.

Just follow 3 Simple steps given below:

Have you ever…

… lost a loved one because of an unexpected illness? Or seen a friend suffering from the disease discovered too late? Or Scared to know that you have a serious disease?

We have. And we are doing something about it.

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